What Sort of Customers Should UK Car Insurers Love?

UK car insurance companies, including those that deal with short term policies such as carinsurancefor1day.co.uk delight in issuing insurance policies to drivers who fit certain specific parameters. These criteria help lower the financial risks to the car insurance company.

Drivers with Safe, Inexpensive Cars

The type of car definitely matters a great deal to car insurance companies. Fancy and costly cars are at a higher risk of being stolen than much more conservative cars. Cars such as mid size sedans, family vehicles, and economy automobiles are all considered excellent risks to car insurance companies when it comes to giving out a policy. Moreover, cars that have the most state-of-the-art safety features such as side airbags and anti-lock brakes and sophisticated alarm systems will all make car insurance companies love such a customer because their risk is dramatically reduced to sell a policy. The safer a car is, the less chance that a driver or passenger will be injured in an accident, so that means much less incidence of the insurance company having to pay out an expensive personal injury liability claim.

Immaculate Driving Records

UK car insurance companies truly love those people with unblemished driving histories who want to get insured. The better a customer's driving record, the less money the automobile insurance company will have to pay out in damage claims for property or for personal liability. Car insurance companies know that if a customer has a perfect driving record that such a method of driving will continue into the future as long as the customer is insured by a specific car insurance company. UK automobile insurance companies feel much more financially secure when they can acquire as many customers as possible who have untarnished driving backgrounds. The problem for automotive insurance companies is that not very many potential customers have completely clean driving histories.

Safe Geographical Areas

It's exceptionally important to UK automobile insurance agencies that their potential customers live in the safest neighborhoods possible. The safer a community is, the less chance of any harm happening to an insured's car. Statistically speaking, from the UK automobile insurance company's point of view, far fewer high priced claims have to be paid out to those customers who live in the most secure areas. It's also a problem for many automobile insurance companies to always find customers who live in the very best areas. So in order to generate as much business as possible in the form of premiums, many UK automobile insurance companies still have to insure at least some drivers from the less desirable parts of town. This means that the insurance company can't always get that perfect customer that they want so much involving this aspect of selling a policy.

Middle Aged Drivers

The age of drivers is highly influential to car insurance companies as well. Their favourite type of customer is in the 40-60 age range. This is because these customers have extensive driving experience and they tend to also be much more responsible behind the wheel. Middle age drivers pose one of the lowest financial risks possible for an automobile insurance policy, even if it is for short term car insurance.


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